Ignatian Cover Up

I was exchanging emails with Dr. Gabby Dy-Liacco. He was helping me find a psychotherapist. He was looking for somebody near my place or somebody who would be accessible to me. Since I am already based in the province, it would not be practical to find a Manila-based psychotherapist. I am miles away from Manila. The exchange of emails went on smoothly until I got a surprise email from Fr. Jun Viray, S.J. He is the Jesuit provincial superior in the Philippines. He was the one referring me to an Iloilo-based psychotherapist. The email from the Jesuit provincial was a complete surprise to me. I do not know what his intentions were in being the one to refer me to a psychotherapist. It appears that he was the one who chose the psychotherapist for me. I did some research about the psychotherapist I was referred to. As I asked around, I learned that the lady psychotherapist was involved in seminary formation. Obviously, she has close connections with the Catholic Church and formally or informally connected to a Jesuit entity. I did not go to the lady psychotherapist. I remember to have been sent to a Jesuit psychotherapist after I made the disclosure of my experience of sexual abuse from Fr. Ruben Tanseco, SJ. The Jesuit provincial superior that time was Fr. Daniel Patrick Huang, SJ. I can only think of that engagement as some form of damage control, if not the initial measure of cover up. I am scouting for a psychotherapist myself. I found one whom I considered ideal for me, a layperson, not connected with any church entity, and a non-Catholic. However, no psychotherapy happened because I do not have the financial means. Instead of recognizing my autonomy, what I got was interference from the Jesuit provincial. I know what I deserve. I can only think that there remains to be efforts at cover up. After all, Fr. Ruben Tanseco, SJ who sexually abused me is not an ordinary Jesuit. I was told later that ordinary Jesuits would not know of this case of sexual abuse committed by this “respected” Jesuit.

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