Justice Wrongly Understood by Brilliant Minds

On instruction of the Jesuit provincial superior, Fr. Jun Viray, Fr. Archie Carampatan, S.J. came over to Antique to see me and talk to me. He relayed to me the concerns of the Fr. Jun expressing the willingness of the Jesuits to help me in my healing. However, I was just struck when, in the course of the conversation, he said “and so it is not about money.” And I quickly replied, ‘Of course not. Why? Even if the Jesuits give me all their wealth, will I regain what I lost because of the sexual abuse done to me by Fr. Ruben Tanseco?” The meeting gave me an insight into how my claim for real justice is being interpreted by brilliant minds.

Justice is a battle to be waged and won. I eventually told Fr. Archie, that “I am preparing myself to die without achieving justice, without achieving healing.” I have a lost a lot because of the sexual abuse I experienced from the hands of a Jesuit. I lost a vocation I valued a lot and nurtured in the seminary for some years. I lost the person full of the cheerful and positive disposition in life. I was in the seminary to undergo formation under the Jesuits. I left the seminary deformed and damaged because of a Jesuit. No amount of money can compensate for the vocation that I lost. There is no moving on without justice.


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