Fr. Ruben Tanseco, S.J. Sexually Abused Me.

 I am writing this blog to share my random thoughts and reflections about my experience of sexual abuse from the Jesuit whose name is Fr. Ruben Tanseco. I consider writing and expressing myself as a therapeutic activity. An important goal of this blog is therapeutic on my part as a victim of sexual abuse. I may mention names of persons and organizations for the sake of truth and transparency, not to discredit anyone. I do not intend to defame anyone. It took a lot of courage on my part to make this disclosure happen. I am publicly disclosing something about my dark and tragic past that has greatly and significantly affected me and the kind of person that I am now. It is about my dark  past that cries out for justice, and real justice for that matter. This blog represents my personal crusade for justice, the kind of justice that is truly and significantly restorative of the dignity taken away from a victim of sexual abuse.


19 thoughts on “Fr. Ruben Tanseco, S.J. Sexually Abused Me.

  1. I’m also a survivor of childhood and adult sexual abuse. A couple of pastors/youth pastors from my church and my Uncle, who was a minister, were some of my abusers. I’m glad that you are finding ways to express yourself here and are sharing your story openly.

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  2. Well done for standing up to those supposedly religious people who abuse others, using their position of trust to do so. And many thanks for following my blog too.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. I gather nothing is happening on the legal front. I’m sorry about that and about the abuse you experienced. Regardless of the clothes we wear and the jobs we have, people can still be terrible and do terrible things. This was a terrible thing. I hope your blog helps you overcome the negativity. Overcoming it is a way to say, “F$&& you, I won’t be shaped by your violence against me!!”

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  4. Thank you for telling the truth. May I add here please that knowing the Saviour and what He accomplished at Calvary can mean complete and life restoring HEALING. The past can be buried under the BLOOD. That does not mean that justice is not also necessary. But healing only comes completely when we all can SURRENDER our pasts to Christ. Healing is for the benefit of victims. Desire for Justice often continues to destroy the victim for the rest of their lives. Tell the truth. Then let it go. Your true testimony may be the means of restoring thousands of lives. Remaining victims only destroys sometimes the HOPE of others. Blessings and Peace!

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  5. I understand your need to express your feeling concerning your abuse. I started writing a blog for reasons of sanity’s sake. Over about a twelve-year span of writing I’ve found myself to be what I consider now to be my most sane years of my life. Getting things out of my system has indeed been a help.

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